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​Effects of cosmetic acupuncture

  1. lift up

  2. small face

  3. Improvement of wrinkles, dullness and dark circles

  4. Whitening/beautiful skin

  5. refine skin texture

  6. reduced swelling

  7. Correct the disorder of the autonomic nervous system

  8. Correct hormonal imbalance

  9. Enhance natural healing power

  10. boost immunity

  11. Transform into a body that is less likely to get tired

  12. Pre-symptomatic disease (prevention of disease)

  13. Promotes blood flow and increases metabolism

  14. Slimming

  15. anti aging effect *There are individual differences

Mechanism of Beauty Acupuncture Effects of cosmetic acupuncture

Many pressure points are concentrated on the face, and by stimulating the pressure points with needles,

The flow of blood and lymph improves, and dark circles and dullness are reduced.It is possible to be reborn as a transparent and elastic skin.

Acupuncture stimulates the cells of the dermis, which are difficult to reach with esthetics and facial equipment, and the cells are awakened, activated, and regenerated.

In addition, by applying acupuncture to the whole body, the function of the internal organs becomes active, the blood flow improves, the metabolism rises, and it leads to a slimming effect.

In particular, wrinkles, sagging, small face, and lift-up effect are high, and you will feel that your skin is fresh and elastic.

The trend of the times has come to reconsider Western medicine, and Oriental medicine, which treats the human body comprehensively, is beginning to attract attention.

By stabbing the needle, you will create invisible scars on your skin. The micro scratches are regenerated and the skin becomes beautiful.

skin with beauty acupunctureTo make it beautiful

In Oriental medicine, the skin is considered to represent the state of health, and it is believed that the cause of skin troubles is due to abnormalities in the internal organs of the body.

According to Western medicine, various factors such as female hormone imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, overwork, and lifestyle habits are considered to be involved.

Considering both causes, we believe that beauty acupuncture not only makes you beautiful from the outside but also makes you beautiful from the inside, which is true inner beauty.

For that reason, in our clinic, we have acupuncture not only on the face but also on the head.

Relieves constipation and improves skin problems

The key to sagging is what Chinese medicine calls the spleen.

The spleen has the function of maintaining the skin and internal organs so that they do not fall from their original positions.

When this function weakens, the face becomes sagging. The recommended ingredient is potatoes.

Potatoes also have the effect of increasing the function of the spleen and are good for constipation.

Cosmetic acupuncture has a slimming effect in addition to skin beautification, whitening, wrinkles, and sagging. 

Acupuncture regulates the function of the autonomic nervous system and improves hormonal balance.

Many of the people who come to our clinic have a high sense of beauty and are beautiful. This is an acupuncture clinic where women can come alone with peace of mind.

I personally don't seem to have anything to do with beauty...

Please feel free to contact us.

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