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Our hospital's new corona infection prevention measures and request for your cooperation at the time of your visit



​ Efforts to ensure that patients who come to us can receive treatment with peace of mind and relax without anxiety

[Efforts to prevent corona infection in the hospital]

☑ Disinfect treatment beds and items used for treatment for each person

☑ Disinfect toilets after each use

☑Install air purifiers in each treatment room and waiting room


☑ Reservation required

[Efforts to prevent corona infection of practitioners]

☑Check your temperature every day and stop the treatment if you have symptoms such as a fever of 37 degrees or higher, cough, or taste disorder.

☑ Wash hands and disinfect 5 times ①Before visiting ②Before touching the body ③Before tightening ④After tightening ⑤After treatment

☑Wear a mask

Face shield.PNG
Wearing gloves.PNG

[Requests to patients]

☑Please make a reservation online or by phone (please refrain from sudden visits).

☑Please cooperate with temperature measurement and alcohol hand disinfection when you visit the hospital.


☑ disinfect 3 times, ① before the entrance ② before the treatment ③ after the treatment, please help us.

Refusal to wear masks-1.png
Request for cooperation in temperature measurement-1.png
Request for alcohol disinfection-2.png

[If you have any of the following symptoms, please refrain from visiting]

☑ Those who have a fever (37 degrees or higher), strong chills, sore throat, cough, or cold symptoms

☑ Those who are in close contact with those who are infected with coronavirus and have symptoms


☑Those who have traveled or stayed within the last 14 days, or have visited places where clusters have occurred.

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